The English++


programming language

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How to use

for windows

github download (last release:0.7)
vscode extension:

for linux

git clone --depth=1
cd enpp-rust
cargo build --release

Same as english, no symbols

  • function call as 'with, about, for', not ( )
  • scopes using indentation
  • English Form 1, Form 3
  • Prepositions


  • inherits
  • multiple inherits (deprecated:Do not use!)
  • also similar with english
  • interfaces
  • casts between inherits

transpile to c++

  • fast as c
  • can used to game engines, graphic engines
  • pointers
  • can use C/C++ APIs and libraries

Also have symbolic expressions

  • shorten the code
  • function operator
  • complexed function operator
  • .. list expression