Welcome to english++ offical documentation!

It will help you to run the modern programming language, english++!

English++ is a modern programming language

(Install the syntax highlighter!) English++ is very easy, modern, safe, and fast programming language. It doesn't have its own runtime(or compiler), english++ been transpiled to c++.


English++ is same as english. It has phrases, clauses. But it also takes programing language's characters.
In C++, we declare pointer variable as
but in english++,
Let integer pointer i
It is longer, but more easy to read. We can read like a book.


English++ is also safe. And the safety doesn't spend the runtime.

This code is written by English++. The act func in code returns a pointer of heavy object. In starts act, variable v recieves the pointer that func returned. If you know languages like C, C++, you know that you need to delete/free address of v from the heap.(I believe you understanded the code.) But english++ automatically free the memory.

(the transpiled code)

The memory safety of the language is not good yet. I am still improving the memory safety of english++.

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